Your Playbook for Interviewing Legal Candidates for Your Law Firm & Legal Department

Finding the ideal legal candidates for your law firm is paramount to your hiring success. You need an individual who fulfills the job requirements and meshes with your workplace values and culture. To ensure finding the right legal candidate, here are some useful pointers on how to make interviewing candidates a success. We have included the basics from the beginning of the interview through great tips on managing the interview process.


Before the legal candidate arrives for the interview, re-review their resume, cover letter, and any other relevant materials better to understand their qualifications, experiences, and skills. This helps you assess whether they are a good fit for the position and if they have the necessary abilities that your organization requires.

To ensure you find the best legal candidates for the role, it is important to develop a list of questions that allow you to assess their skills, experiences, and how their values align with your law firm’s or legal department’s values.

Questions should cover topics such as

  • legal experience
  • previous job roles and responsibilities
  •  technical knowledge related to the field of law
  •  any unique perspectives they may have on how to approach legal cases

Additionally, focus on how legal candidates view themselves regarding important qualities for success in this position and explore how their values fit within your organization’s core values.

Create a comfortable environment

When beginning an interview, it is important to introduce yourself to the interviewee and provide a brief overview of the firm’s practice areas and culture. This helps create a better understanding of the firm and its goals, enabling the candidate to make more informed decisions about whether or not this is an organization they would like to join.

If in person, offering a candidate a glass of water or a cup of coffee is an excellent way to help them feel more at ease during the interview process. This small gesture creates a comfortable atmosphere that allows the candidate to relax and show more of their authentic personality leading to an improved overall experience.

Structure the interview

When interviewing potential legal candidates, it is important to start with open-ended questions to allow them to share more about their background and relevant experiences.

By doing so, it provides a better insight into the individual’s knowledge, skill set, and overall abilities. Furthermore, this helps create a more relaxed atmosphere, leading to a better conversation and a higher chance of finding the right fit for the position.

Then transition to more specific questions related to the job requirements, such as

  • legal knowledge
  • case management
  • problem-solving skills
  • research capabilities

Additionally, it is beneficial for employers to inquire about the candidate’s analytical and organizational abilities to better understand how they approach various tasks presented by the job role.

When interviewing potential legal candidates for a law firm or legal department, it is important to include behavioral questions. These questions are designed to help assess how the candidate reacts in different plausible situations relating to the job.
Such questions clearly show how the individual handles tasks, works with colleagues, and deals with conflict.

Focus on the legal candidates soft skills

Assessing and evaluating communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills is necessary for success in any legal working environment. These skills are essential for legal talent who needs to collaborate with others regularly.

Having the ability to communicate, work in teams and interact with clients effectively are all key components of success in the legal profession.

When seeking a potential legal cand

idate for your team, it is always important to ask about their experience working with other clients and colleagues. This indicates how the person might handle challenging situations or conflicts that arise in the workplace.


Assess their legal knowledge and problem-solving skills

Asking questions about the legal candidates’ prior experience in the specific practice areas relevant to your organization is an important part of the hiring process. This allows you to understand their depth of knowledge and skills on a range of topics and their ability to think critically and apply their experience in new ways.

Additionally, it gives you a chance to observe the individual’s attitude and approach, which is valuable when making decisions about whom to bring onto your team.

Presenting hypothetical scenarios is a great way to evaluate a candidate’s legal analysis, critical thinking, and decision-making skills. It helps employers gauge the person’s ability to think on their feet and assess complex situations quickly, as well as their capacity for sound judgment.

This kind of evaluation also helps employers gain insight into the candidate’s logical reasoning abilities, creative problem-solving strategies, and overall thought process.

Evaluate cultural fit

It’s important to ask potential legal candidates questions about their work style, values, and what they need from you to ensure you’re both on the same page. Asking questions about these topics helps you better understand the candidate and whether they fit your needs.

Provide transparent information about your law firm’s or legal department culture, work-life balance, and expectations to prospective candidates so that they understand what it is like to be an employee at your company. This ensures that all parties are on the same page and that the candidate is well-informed prior to accepting a role.

Leave time for questions

When interviewing a potential legal candidate, it’s important to invite them to ask questions about the organization, the role they are applying for, or any other relevant topic that is of interest to them.

It is important to answer any questions they have honestly and thoroughly, providing as much information as possible in order to help them make an educated and informed decision. Providing clear and concise responses to their inquiries enables them to choose what is best for their personal and professional desires.

Take detailed notes

Jot down some notes during the interview process to help you recall the candidate’s responses and your initial impressions of them.
Writing down your observations is a powerful tool that contributes to informed decision-making allowing you to remember key points. With this in mind, you are able to ask appropriate follow-up questions if needed.

By using the notes gathered in this debriefing, you and your colleagues will make an informed decision when extending a job offer. Make sure to consider all of the information you have assessed and discussed to make a wise judgment that benefits everyone involved.

Provide timely feedback

It is important to inform the candidate of the hiring process and provide them with a timeline for when to expect to hear from you. Providing an approximate timeline for each step of the process is helpful, as this helps set expectations for both parties involved.

Furthermore, it is important to remain communicative during each hiring process step to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Even if a candidate is not selected for the position, it is important to provide them with constructive feedback to improve their performance in future interviews. It is a great way of showing respect and appreciation for their effort, while also helping them develop their skills and increase their chances of success in future endeavors.

In conclusion, by following these tips and strategies, you’ll conduct effective interviews to help you identify and hire the best legal candidates for your law firm or legal department.

Interviewing is a critical step in the process when it comes to finding the best legal talent for your law firm or legal department. To ensure you make the right hire, it’s important to have an effective interview strategy in place.

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