Why Some Firms and Legal Departments Have Less Challenges Hiring Legal Talent

According to a recent survey, 66% of law firms reported that finding skilled legal professionals in today’s job market is challenging.

Today we are going to discuss some key factors why some firms and corporate legal departments are successful and why others are struggling to find quality legal talent.

These challenges are the difference in you finding and keeping quality legal talent versus finding legal talent that is just there for a little while.

Although turnover is relatively good in the legal industry compared to other industries, it is better not to be at the bottom of that list in your own industry. Don’t let turnover be the reason why your law firm or legal department is not as successful as you would like it to be.

Let’s continue.


To Start, Reputation is Everything


We all understand the importance of maintaining a positive public perception, however, it is essential to stay informed on what potential legal candidates are finding out about your company.

Have you taken the time to research reviews on sites like Glassdoor or Google? Job seekers often rely on public reviews when considering employment opportunities, so it is important to maintain a positive public image.

Here is how to receive and keep a positive reputation among prospective legal candidates:


Encourage current and past employees to write positive reviews.


Asking current and former employees to post positive reviews helps a law firm build its reputation and credibility. Reviews from actual employees provide a credible source of information that is used to inform potential clients, as well as show the company in a positive light.

Additionally, these reviews provide valuable insights into the workplace culture, which helps recruit new talent and retain existing staff. Leverage customer and employee testimonials to showcase your achievements and promote a positive impression of your brand. This is visible to everyone, enabling you to reach a wider audience.

You can’t make everyone happy. However, make sure that everyone sees your happy clients and employees.


Establish practices to combat Reputation Management


In an age where reputation is everything, it is important to have a strategy in place to protect your brand’s reputation. Reputation management involves monitoring, analyzing, and responding to any potential reputational threats. Establishing practices such as public relations, social media management and customer service helps combat any potential damage to your brand’s reputation.

Additionally, regularly reviewing analytics data helps identify areas of improvement or opportunities for proactive action. By taking the necessary steps to safeguard your company’s image and protect its brand identity, you ensure that your company maintains a positive image in the digital age.

Keep in mind that these practices remove many of the challenges that firms and legal departments in attracting top talent.


Company Culture


Working long hours is common in the legal industry, however creating a positive work environment is essential to entice and retain the best lawyers and staff.

So, how do you do this? Well first:


Set a good example by demonstrating the behavior you expect from others.


It is important to lead by example if you want your employees and colleagues to do their best work. If you expect your team to be punctual, hardworking, and respectful of each other, then you must commit to doing the same. Leading with respect and trust creates a productive work environment that allows everyone to succeed.


Collaborate with team members on unfamiliar tasks to increase productivity and collaboration.


Teamwork is essential to the success of any project. Encouraging your team to collaborate on projects that are outside of their normal scope boosts creativity and helps build relationships. By working together, teams share ideas and gain new perspectives, which lead to breakthroughs and innovative solutions. Collaboration between teams increases understanding of each team’s roles, responsibilities, and objectives.


Show appreciation for team achievements in a timely manner.


Acknowledging your team’s hard work and accomplishments is a great way to boost morale and foster a positive work culture. It is essential to recognize the efforts of your team members as soon as they happen, so that they don’t feel taken for granted or overlooked.


It is important to be open and honest about expectations and to communicate clearly.


Establishing clear expectations and effective communication are key components to successful relationships in both personal and professional contexts. Honesty is the foundation of trust, so it is critical that both parties are honest when discussing expectations. Additionally, effective communication helps to ensure both parties understand one another and work together towards a common goal.

By encouraging your team to spread the word through social media and review websites, you increase referrals and customer loyalty. This could lead to an improved reputation, greater customer satisfaction and a higher rate of return customers.

Whether we are discussing employer branding or reputation management, all of these practices make it possible to have an easier time hiring legal talent.




In addition to salary, many other elements such as company culture, benefits, job stability, and career growth opportunities are now at the forefront of job seekers’ minds when considering potential employers. Choosing a career path is more challenging than ever due to the competitive job market and changing workplace dynamics.

Despite everything, salary and remuneration remain key considerations related to these three aspects:


Regularly benchmark salaries to ensure they are competitive.


Salary benchmarking is an important process for organizations to ensure that they are paying their employees competitively and fairly. It helps employers stay up-to-date on the current market trends, as well as identify potential areas of improvement in terms of wages and salaries.

It also allows them to ensure that their compensation practices are aligned with the current market rates and job roles. Regular salary benchmarking helps employers retain their existing employees, while also ensuring that they are able to attract new legal talent who are willing to join their team.


An annual review and compensation process should be clearly established.


A well-defined annual review and compensation process is essential for any organization to ensure that employees are being fairly compensated for their work. It provides an opportunity for employers to assess the performance of their employees and reward them with salary increases or bonuses accordingly.

Having a clear annual review and compensation process in place also helps to create a sense of trust between employers and employees. It allows employers to be transparent about how they evaluate employee performance and how they determine salaries, which helps build morale among staff members.

Additionally, it sets expectations for both parties regarding what is expected from each other in terms of performance, communication, and overall job satisfaction.


Be honest about salary expectations when talking to job legal candidates.


When it comes to discussing salary ceilings with potential legal candidates, it is important to be transparent from the start. This helps ensure that both parties are on the same page and have a clear understanding of expectations.

Being open and honest about salary ceilings at the beginning of the process helps avoid any misunderstandings or disagreements down the line. It also sets a positive tone for future negotiations, as candidates know what they expect upfront.


Career Path


Legal candidates are now more conscious of their professional growth, so they often inquire about career prospects while applying for a job. This ensures that they are making the right career move.

To help job candidates have a better experience during the interview process, it is beneficial to consider:


Regular one-on-one evaluations help employees understand their performance.


One-on-one evaluations are an important part of any organization’s performance management system. They provide a platform for staff to receive feedback on their performance and for managers to assess the progress of their teams.

By conducting regular one-on-one evaluations, organizations ensure that employees are aware of their progress and have a clear understanding of what is expected from them.


Employees should be given the chance to contribute and be part of the company’s future.


Just like law firms, legal departments that want to grow and succeed need to give their employees an opportunity to contribute and feel a part of the company’s future. A great way of doing this is by providing them with the right tools and resources, such as training and development programs, career advancement opportunities, and other benefits.

This is not only motivation to employees but also boosts their morale, productivity, and engagement. By giving employees an opportunity to contribute towards the company’s success, companies ensure that they are moving in the right direction.


Work life Balance


Legal candidates harshly judge companies with a lack of emphasis on work-life balance now. The 3 top areas legal candidates find attractive when discussing work life balance are:


Reviewing employee workloads regularly is important to ensure they are not overloaded.


Employee workloads quickly become unmanageable and lead to decreased productivity, burnout, and a decrease in morale. Managers should regularly review employee workloads to prevent overburdening.

This review should include an assessment of the amount of work each employee is responsible for, the time frame in which it needs to be completed, and any other factors that impact on their ability to complete the tasks.

Additionally, managers should also look for ways to adjust or delegate tasks so that employees are able to focus on the most important or urgent projects while still having enough time to take breaks and rest.


Remote working is a popular choice and a great recruiting tool.


Offering remote working as an option has become a popular choice for many companies, as it provides several benefits for both employers and employees. For employers, it saves money on office space and other overhead costs. It also allows them to access a larger pool of potential legal talent from anywhere in the world.

For employees, it offers the flexibility to work from home or any other location they choose. This makes remote working an attractive option in the hiring process, not only because of the cost savings but also because it appeals to prospective employees who value flexibility and autonomy.


Allowing employees to volunteer boosts morale, creating a better working environment.


Volunteering is a great way for employees to give back to the community, while also taking a break from their everyday work. It helps improve their overall mood in the workplace by giving them an outlet for stress relief and connecting them with people outside of their normal work environment.

It is also a great way to build team spirit and foster collaboration among coworkers. By providing employees with time to volunteer, legal departments and law firms create a more positive and productive workspace that benefits both employees and the company.

Overall, you want to make sure you do your best to address these challenges as they are the difference between you building a pool of candidates looking to make a home at your law firm or legal department and a candidate just looking to stay for a short while.

Are you looking to improve your law firm and legal department recruiting processes? Contact us right away. Let us take away your legal recruiting burdens and find you quality legal talent that you can add to your team.


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