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At C&M Legal Search, we offer a targeted talent search for law firms, corporate legal departments and legal service providers. This access to a unique talent pool results in efficient, cost-effective results whether for permanent placement or temporary staffing needs.

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End-to-end legal recruiters committed to the growth of your business.

C&M Legal Search provides a strategic and consultative approach to attracting top legal talent, legal support professionals and attorneys to join the firms, companies and organizations in need of a wide variety of legal support sets. We take a proactive approach, directly engaging and attracting passive candidates and managing expectations throughout a hiring process tailor made for the diversity of the legal space.

We listen to our clients to understand what they truly need. Our top priority is to offer quality candidates that match the desired needs of the client very well. We harness the massive amount of industry knowledge and all the perspectives we have gained over a decade of the legal field and legal recruiting experience to deliver a service devoted to the creation of an attractive and efficient hiring experience.

Our Values

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Relationships built on hard work and honesty.

As legal recruiters, we work with our clients to ensure complete operational transparency—to do what is in the best interest of the organization by thoroughly vetting and screening every candidate presented to ensure they meet or exceed every hiring need.

We are your partner in legal recruitment.

We serve our clients by providing as much value as we possibly can, sharing any insights we can and always enhancing your hiring process with every resource at our disposal.

Committed to finding only the best professionals.

C&M Legal Search takes a laser-focused approach, gaining the attention of candidates already proven successful within their positions but who could be leveraged into a career growth opportunity.

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