Can Big Law Firms in Secondary Markets Succeed on Talent Alone?

Legal staff thinking

In today’s legal industry, the success of a law firm is determined by a multitude of factors. Among these factors, talent is undoubtedly one of the most important. Law firms with the best legal talent often attract the most prestigious clients and handle the most high-profile cases. However, the importance of talent alone in determining…

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How to Track and Measure Law Firm Culture

Law firm culture

Investing in a strong culture for your law firm is essential for long-term success. It gives direction, creates cohesion, and drives progress – all of which helps propel businesses forward. People want to work for a company that has a social mission or is focused on providing a superior product or service. People want to…

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Your Playbook for Interviewing Legal Candidates for Your Law Firm & Legal Department

Hiring concept HR manager is interviewing a job candidate filling out a resume on a job application form to be considered for a job

Finding the ideal legal candidates for your law firm is paramount to your hiring success. You need an individual who fulfills the job requirements and meshes with your workplace values and culture. To ensure finding the right legal candidate, here are some useful pointers on how to make interviewing candidates a success. We have included…

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8 Benefits of Utilizing Legal Recruiters in Your Law Firm

Business persons shaking hands on a meeting legal recruiters offer a unique solution to law firms looking to hire the best talent and streamline their recruitment process. By leveraging their expertise in the legal industry, recruiters provide invaluable insight into the current job market, identify top-tier candidates, and ensure the best fit for a firm’s…

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